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  • jenninator


    why i tried it: true crime story starring Natasha Richardson

  • Kyle Rodgers


    fucking crazy good.
    Loved the editing.
    The cinematography was awesome.

  • Kevin Kennedy


    Paul Schrader‘s 80s run is “French kiss”. Recently rewatched Patty Hearst for a new video and man, gets better every time.

  • sweetlilhifi


    This wasn’t bad as much as I just like the ones Schrader writes AND directs way more.  Also Patty has almost every possible haircut/wig in this movie.

  • Shaun


    Patty Hearst is based on a true story, directed by Paul Schrader, and stars Natasha Richardson as Patty Hearst, a woman kidnapped and then "turned" by the Symbionise liberation army, a terrorist organisation in 70’s USA. Ving Rhames and William Forsythe also star. 

    Like his directorial debut Blue Collar, Patty Hearst focuses on proletarians fighting a corrupt system by unconventional means. Most of their tactics are impossible to defend, however they truly believe they are fighting for the common good…

  • mts8019


    One of the truly better films in the Vinegar Syndrome catalogue. Fantastic performances by both Richardson and Rhames. More people should know about this film. That Paul Schrader guy is a pretty good filmmaker!

  • adhitr


    Another treasure from Paul Schrader. It is a dated movie but still good to watch. Natasha Richardson-rest her soul- was good portraying Patty Hearst.

  • Andy

    Watched in the San Bernardino National Forest. Great companion piece with Reds

  • JacobMaxKelly


    Gorgeous cinematically especially early on. That kidnap scene is excellent. Music works so well and straight in to the opening credits. Then the way they do it all her point of view. Some fantastic use of lighting and editing to make that work. Although it does come at a bit of a cost. Everythings so stylised to the point it comes cartoonish. The over the top performances kind of add to that. So it does belittle the movement to some…

  • LowlyLuke


    One of the most beautifully directed movies I’ve ever seen. So thoughtful and nuanced with its exploration of the subject matter and its political messaging. And also weirdly hilarious. Just hearing some white dude screaming about how he wishes he was black so he wouldn’t be so bougie is peak comedy. Really the only thing holding this back from reaching a 10 is a 15-20 minute section in here, which is still amazing mind you, but isn’t nearly as good…

  • porkchoppp


    You put William Forsythe in blackface, you know you’ve got my attention

  • Manuel


    Los personajes de Schrader suelen ser presentados una vez que estos han vivido un trauma. Travis Bickle ya pasó por la guerra en el inicio de Taxi Driver o William Tell ya vivió Abu Ghraib cuando comienza The Card Counter. Por ende, que en Patty Hearst vivamos de principio a fin el transito de la protagonista junto a sus secuestradores, supone una distinción dentro de la obra de Schrader que la emparenta con otras películas como Hardcore donde se vive…