Paul Blart: Mall Cop Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Safety Never Takes A Holiday.

Mild-mannered Paul Blart (Kevin James) has always had huge dreams of becoming a State Trooper. Until then, he patrols the local mall as a security guard. With his closely cropped moustache, personal transporter and gung-ho attitude, only Blart seems to take his job seriously. All that changes when a team of thugs raids the mall and takes hostages. Untrained, unarmed and a super-size target, Blart has to become a real cop to save the day.

Kevin James Keir O'Donnell Jayma Mays Raini Rodriguez Shirley Knight Stephen Rannazzisi Peter Gerety Bobby Cannavale Adam Ferrara Jamal Mixon Adhir Kalyan Erick Avari Gary Valentine Allen Covert Mike Vallely Mike Escamilla Jason Ellis Jason Packham Rick Thorne Victor T. Lopez Natascha Hopkins Jackie Sandler Mookie Barker Jackie Flynn Richie Minervini Brie Hill Arbaugh Steffiana De La Cruz Dylan Clark Marshall Bernie McInerney Show All…

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