Piglet's Big Movie Piglet's Big Movie

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A tale you'll never forget.

When the gang from the Hundred Acre Wood begin a honey harvest, young Piglet is excluded and told that he is too small to help. Feeling inferior, Piglet disappears and his pals Eeyore, Rabbit, Tigger, Roo and Winnie the Pooh must use Piglet's scrapbook as a map to find him. In the process they discover that this very small animal has been a big hero in a lot of ways.





Alternative Titles

Leitão - O Filme, Le Grand Film de Porcinet, Medvídek Pú: Prasátko a jeho velký příběh, Grislings Store Eventyr, Les Aventures de Porcinet, Malacka a hős, Winnie the Pooh - Pimpi, Piccolo Grande Eroe, くまのプーさん/完全保存版 II ピグレット・ムービー, Nasse Nøff, Ole Brumm - Nasse Nøff, Piglet - O Filme, Nasses Stora Film

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