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  • Santx


    Ah sí claro, entiendo

    (No entendí)

  • Lola Junqueira


    this doesnt make any sense to me bc i have an IQ of 76

  • dylanrose


    Neat concept! Very compelling
    but woulda been more compelling with more neat characters.

  • Sam 🎞🏴‍☠️

    Los Cronocrimenes for nerds 🤓

    Extremely difficult and barely enjoyable time travel sci-fi. I admit that I had a hard time following the plot, staying focused, and still had (for the most parts) no clue what was going on 🤔

    It's definitely interesting, hence I'd maybe recommend for fans of obscure indies.

  • steffster


    meanwhile, my project group and I couldn't understand how to make blank rows on overleaf.

  • Staron3000

    Imagine these guys with a budget

  • KyleC87


    Trippy but really impressive especially given the absurdly small budget.

  • mwahkus


    may not have been on the 11th

  • sbibo


    time twavel

  • Charlie

    shane carruth is a menace to society

  • Lu


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "Man, are you hungry? I haven't eaten since later this afternoon."

  • Vordys


    Na verdade acho que vale muito mais estrelas que isso, considerando toda a complexidade da história. Mas minha nota fica essa por conta dessa mesma complexidade, que faz com que o filme fique quase impossível de entender. Eu creio que se não fosse a comunidade que se juntou para desvendar o filme e fazer outras pessoas entenderem, a maioria das pessoas que viram não iriam entender, pelo menos 50% delas, já que é necessário que você reveja, reveja e reveja,…