Ranma ½: The Movie — The Battle of Nekonron: The Fight to Break the Rules! Ranma ½: The Movie — The Battle of…

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When Prince Kirin of the 7 Lucky Gods shows up at the Tendo dojo looking for his bride-to-be, guess who's accidentally holding the scroll that signifies his future mate? Why, Akane, of course, and the rest of the Ranma crew is forced to take a boat to China in order to save her from the horrors of marriage and a diet of pickled vegetables.




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Ranma Le sette divinità della fortuna, Ranma½ - Le 7 Divinità Della Fortuna, Gran Aventura en Nekonron, China, らんま1/2 中国寝崑崙大決戦! 掟やぶりの激闘篇!!, Ranma ½: The Movie — Big Trouble in Nekonron, China, Ranma ½ - Et La Grande Bataille De Chine, Ranma ½ - Film 1 - La grande bataille de Chine

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