Resident Evil: Extinction Resident Evil: Extinction

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The Extinction Is Coming...

Years after the Racoon City catastrophe, survivors travel across the Nevada desert, hoping to make it to Alaska. Alice joins the caravan and their fight against hordes of zombies and the evil Umbrella Corp.




Alternative Titles

Resident Evil 3 - A Extinção, Resident Evil 3 - Extinction, 03 - Resident Evil Extinction, Biohazard III, 레지던트 이블 3, 레지던트 이블 3-인류의 멸망, Обитель зла: Вымирание, Обитель зла 3: Вимирання, Оселя зла 3, Оселя зла: Вимирання, Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil 3: Extinction, Resident Evil III: Extinction, Resident Evil. Extinction

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