Rinco's Restaurant Rinco's Restaurant

After a bad breakup, a young woman returns to her hometown and opens a menuless restaurant. A young woman (Kou Shibasaki) in her mid 20's becomes so heart broken she loses her voice. To recover, the woman decides to go back to her hometown and stay with her free-spirited mother whom she has not been very close to in the past. The young woman then decides to open a restaurant which accepts only one customer a day, allowing for thoughtful preparation for that customer.

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Japanese Cinema Log


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Just keeping track of all the Japanese films I've watched. Listed in reverse chronological order.

12/29/17: Reached the 1000 film…

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My Movies from Japan


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not all I've seen is listed but most of it ....

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J. Nye

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Films to find and watch. For films I have immediate access to (via streaming, owned DVDs, upcoming theatrical releases, etc),…