Robin Hood: Men in Tights Robin Hood: Men in Tights

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The legend had it coming...

Robin Hood comes home after fighting in the Crusades to learn that the noble King Richard is in exile and that the despotic King John now rules England, with the help of the Sheriff of Rottingham. Robin Hood assembles a band of fellow patriots to do battle with King John and the Sheriff.




Alternative Titles

Las locas aventuras de Robin Hood, A Louca! Louca História de Robin Hood, Robin Hood: Mehed sukkpükstes, Robin Hood - sankarit sukkahousuissa, Robin Hood: Muškarci u tajicama, Robin Hood: Barbati în izmene, Robin Hud - Muškarci u hulahopkama, Robin Hood - Možje v pajkicah, Робiн Гуд: Чоловiк у трико, Robin Hood - Men In Tights, Robin des bois: Héros en collant, Robin Hood։ Men in Tights

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