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After nuclear warfare has decimated Earth, tyrants using service robots to enslave the population are met with a rebellion.

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backyard shot-on-video/no-budget sci-fi i like/need to watch


pd187 254 films

duct tape terminator arms, oven-baked liquid latex masks, xmas lite cockpits built in grandma's garage

1 - 50 recommended/ranked ///…

  • Looper
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Science Fiction Grab Bag


Nicolas 1,334 films

All science fiction movie's I've seen. I will keep adding movies. I've excluded cross-genre movies that weigh heavily on the…

  • Murders in the Rue Morgue
  • The Black Cat
  • The New Gulliver
  • Mark of the Vampire
  • The Raven

a 2020 phase

Jimmy R

Jimmy R 587 films

This is a list of films I want to watch this year, I've got lots of free time and not…