Rudo & Cursi Rudo & Cursi

Even when your luck runs out, some things never change.

Two brothers living a hard life of manual labor in rural Mexico have a simple dream: saving enough money to build their mother her dream house. But fate has other plans. A friendly game of soccer leads to first Rudo, then to Cursi being taken on by the nation’s top talent scout. Suddenly, they find themselves living the high life of star athletes: fame, fortune, fast cars and beautiful women.

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latinxs in film

Madison S.

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movies starring a Latinx lead, dominant latinx cast, re-occurring latinx side character or directed by a latinx director. will not…

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We share more than our language or origin, they all are amazing countries that make amazing films.

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A List for POC By POC.


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Didn't like seeing the lack of POC movie friendly lists on Letterboxd.

Decided to make one. Want to focus 2017…