Seance on a Wet Afternoon

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Was it magic...Or murder they planned?

Working-class British housewife Myra Savage reinvents herself as a medium, holding seances in the sitting room of her home with the hidden assistance of her under-employed, asthmatic husband, Billy. In an attempt to enhance her credibility as a psychic, Myra hatches an elaborate, ill-conceived plot to kidnap a wealthy couple's young daughter so that she can then help the police "find" the missing girl.





Alternative Titles

Het Krankzinnige Medium, Сеанс дождливым вечером, An einem trüben Nachmittag, Le Rideau de Brume, Ventimila sterline per Amanda, Seans w deszczowe popołudnie, Lukittujen ovien takana, Bag lukkede skodder, Farsa Diabólica, 雨の午後の降霊祭, Spiritism intr-o după-amiază ploioasă, Skuggan av ett mord, Seansa jednog kišnog popodneva, Сеанс дощовим вечором, Seance za deštivého odpoledne, Plan siniestro, 20.000 sterline per Amanda