Shall We Dance?

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She's got the moves… but he's got two left feet!

A bored Japanese accountant sees a beautiful woman in the window of a ballroom dance studio. He secretly starts taking dancing lessons to be near her, and then over time discovers how much he loves ballroom dancing. His wife, meanwhile, has hired a private detective to find out why he has started coming home late smelling of perfume.



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Shall we dansu?, 쉘 위 댄스, ¿Bailamos?, Shall we Dance?, Vuoi ballare? - Shall We Dance?, Shall we ダンス?, Dança Comigo?, Давайте потанцуем?, 谈谈情跳跳舞, 談談情跳跳舞

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27 Jan 1996
  • Flag for Japan Japan
04 Jul 1997
  • Flag for the USA USAPG
13 May 1999
  • Flag for Germany Germany0
13 May 2000
  • Flag for South Korea South KoreaAll


01 Jan 2000
  • Flag for Australia AustraliaPG

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01 Jan 2000
  • PhysicalPG DVD
13 May 1999
  • Theatrical0
27 Jan 1996
  • Theatrical
13 May 2000
  • TheatricalAll
04 Jul 1997
  • TheatricalPG