Since Otar Left Since Otar Left

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For a mother, a sister and a niece, nothing is the same... Since Otar Left

The one joy in the lives of a mother and daughter comes from the regular letters sent to them from Paris from the family's adored son, Otar. When the daughter finds out that Otar has died suddenly, she tries to conceal the truth from her mother, changing the course of their lives forever.




Alternative Titles

Cartas de París, Desde que Otar Partiu, Briefe aus Paris, Seit Otar fort ist, Da Otar rejste, Kirjeitä Pariisista, Mióta Otar elment, Da quando Otar è partito, Unas dulces mentiras, Tiden etter Otar, Kiedy Otar odszedl, De când ai plecat Otar, С тех пор, как уехал Отар, Breven från Otar

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