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  • Albiiu


    el hermano mayor 😭😭😭 le amo

  • eva


    après une journée déprimante ça fait du bien

  • vladster


    Feel good movie, re-watchable at any moment.
    This kid starts a band to impress a girl, this in the middle of being bullied at his new school in Ireland in the mid 80s.

  • Luiz Campos


    Endearing mix of coming of age and musical, with great characters and really cool songs. There's a sense of wonder that John Carney seems to be able to capture quite well, be it with how he deals with the love story or with the band members writing music and rehearsing. This is something lacking in a good part of movies that try to capture teenage life, and Carney isn't a judgemental or moralizing narrator, which makes the subplots about…

  • lexie


    to find you never fails to make me cry

  • sxrude


    Gostei das músicas

  • céline


    didn’t love it as much as i thought i would but it was cute

  • Paula Monasterio


    EXQUISITA me encanta la estética europea punk,el soundtrack de la película hermosa,el vestuario y el año en el que quiere basarse,lastima la trama media infantil

  • Anna

    Day 2 of watching my Tik Tok followers’ favorite movies

    if this was about an all girl band then maybe i could forgive the surface level writing but….. it was pretty bad. misogynistic as hell and uses racism to get a laugh. nah i’m good

  • AfrinaZerinNoor


    Predictable; has been done hundreds of times before. Regardless, this one put a big smile on my face. Well, maybe it didn't actually show up in my face, but I was smiling in my head. Charming little film. Will definitely revisit in the near future

  • Dee Davies


    Am I crying over a group of Irish boys who make undeniable bangers? That's none of your business.

  • Mitchell


    Genuinely a perfect movie. Drive It Like You Stole It scene is just incredible