Slumdog Millionaire Slumdog Millionaire

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What does it take to find a lost love? A. Money, B. Luck, C. Smarts, D. Destiny

Jamal Malik is an impoverished Indian teen who becomes a contestant on the Hindi version of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ but, after he wins, he is suspected of cheating.





Alternative Titles

Slumdog millionaire - ¿Quién quiere ser millonario?, Беднякът милионер, Quem Quer Ser um Milionário?, Le pouilleux millionnaire, 一百万零一夜, Milionář z chatrče, Slumdog Millionär, Slumdog Millionaire - Drengen der havde svar på alt, Quien Quiere Ser Millonario, Slummien miljonääri, Milijunaš s ulice, Gettómilliomos, getto milliomos, स्लमडॉग करोड़पती, میلیونر زاغه نشین, Viltu vinna milljarð?, The Millionaire, スラムドッグ$ミリオネア, 슬럼독 밀리어네어, ¿Quién quiere ser millonario?, Миллионер из трущоб, 貧民百萬富翁

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