Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring

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An isolated lake, where an old monk lives in a small floating temple. The monk has a young boy living with him, learning to become a monk. We watch as seasons and years pass by.




Alternative Titles

Primavera, Verão, Outono, Inverno e… Primavera, Primavera, verano, otoño, invierno... y primavera, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... and Spring, Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom, Primavera verano otoño invierno y primavera, Primavera verano otono invierno y primavera, Forår, sommer, efterår, vinter ... og forår, Frühling, Sommer, Herbst, Winter... und Frühling, Livets hjul, 春去春又來, Primavera, verano, otoño, invierno... y otra vez primavera, Yaz, Yay, Payiz, Qish... ve Yaz, Primavera, Verão, Outono, Inverno... e Primavera, Пролет Лято Есен Зима... и Пролет, Proljece, ljeto, jesen, zima i... proljece, Forår, sommer, efterår, vinter... og forår, Kevad, suvi, sügis, talv ... ja taas kevad, Viisi vuodenaikaa, Printemps, été, automne, hiver... et printemps, Anoixi, kalokairi, fthinoporo, heimonas... kai anoixi, Tavasz, nyár, ősz, tél... és tavasz, Bahar, Tabestan, Paayiz, Zemestan... va Bahar, Primavera, estate, autunno, inverno... e ancora primavera, Pavasaris, vasara, ruduo, ziema ir... vel pavasaris, Las estaciones de la vida, Vår, sommer, høst, vinter... og vår, Wiosna, lato, jesien, zima... i wiosna, Весна, лето, осень, зима... и снова весна, Proleće, leto, jesen, zima... i proleće, Pomlad, poletje, jesen, zima... in pomlad, Ilkbahar, Yaz, Sonbahar, Kis ve Ilkbahar, Весна, лiто, осiнь, зима... i знову весна

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