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  • Lukas Antoine


    Qué hermosa obra de arte. Mi favorita de la filmografía de Tarkovsky (¿El mejor director de la historia?). Esta forma de hacer cine es indescriptible. Probablemente el mayor logro cinemático del director y si me pongo pretencioso, de la historia del cine. Un sci-fi que se sale del entretenimiento convencional para dar unas clases de filosofía y profundizar en los deseos más complejos de la mente humana. Una obra maestra con todas sus letras.

  • jmacg



  • THE_trilingual_

    Stalker is a damn near impenetrable film. The themes are so grand and encompassing while simultaneously being told through the intimate study of three characters. Dialogue feels more like a discussion in a philosophy class rather than average conversations. Shots linger far longer than one would expect, creating a dream like atmosphere of melancholic unease. The soundtrack occasionally creeps in and becomes indistinguishable from the ambient noise of the Zone. The uninterrupted shots of nature in the background while the…

  • Hicham Lamalem


    " نحن نقف الآن بمحاذاة العتبة. هذه هي أهم لحظة في حياتكم. يجب أن تعلموا أن أعز رغباتكم ستتحقق هنا. " - المرشد

    يُقال إن المنطقة يقصدها تعيسو الحظ بحثا عن سعادة صعبة المنال.. لكن الأمر غير ذلك بالنسبة لثلاثي القصة هنا.. لقد استسلم ثلاثتهم لسحر و أسرار و هيبة المنطقة و نسوا غايتهم التي دفعتهم للمغامرة و الذهاب إلى هناك ؛ المرشد بخبرته و حذره.. الكاتب بفضوله و جرأته و البروفيسور بحكمته و هدوءه.. تاهوا داخل متاهة غامضة و…

  • Tim Lewis


    An absolute beast and one that I’m not nearly smart enough to understand

  • Zachary Livingood


    Fuck yeah

  • naomie1


    “i’m fine as i am”
    i’m not completely in love with this but i most definitely appreciate its brilliance. my favorite thing about this film is the beautiful long shots

  • alex d


    A real slowboy! My memory of it is always of a movie that is like 90 minutes long -- not one that is almost three hours. To be honest i'm a little surprised that so many people like Stalker for that reason. Its script is probably like 80 pages or somethin': so much of the movie is just silence and lingering.

    Every Unreal Engine 3 video game wants its levels to look like this movie.

    I think I get something…

  • Jack Burton



  • brodie kelly


    I’m so confused. 5 stars and best movie ever 🤝

  • Tahmid


    Stalker explores human desires, sorrow, happiness and beliefs. I've nothing to say that hasn't been told already.

  • Rowan


    Really? There's a stalker book! Great, I gotta read that one.