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Neverending list of German movies


Brie 7,354 films

Movies from German-speaking countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • Die Todesmühlen
  • Sag die Wahrheit
  • Zugvögel
  • Seven Journeys
  • Herzkönig

Post-War Germany (1945-1963)


Bumstead 467 films

(West) German films produced after World War II, until (roughly) 1963 - the end of the Adenauer years.

  • Women Are Better Diplomats
  • The Golden City
  • Das Bad auf der Tenne
  • Münchhausen
  • Immensee

Agfacolor / Gevacolor / Ansco Color


Not in database:

Toamna în delta (Paul Calinescu, 1951) Tembo (Howard Hill, 1952) The Scarlet Spear (George Breakston,…