Strangely Ordinary This Devotion Strangely Ordinary This Devotion

SOTD was birthed out of a desire to privilege and amplify the strange and banal quality of daily life, to see what it can yield as an entrance to larger concerns, such as the environment, representation of motherhood, queer desire, the domestic as site of radicality.

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directed by women

films directed by women, in chronological order. always in progress.

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350+ Films of 2017, Ranked

Just an incredible year so far; 1 - 150ish are highly recommended.

Based on U.S. release dates (limited or wide),…

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Las Prestigiosas 2017

Un año más, mismas preguntas: ¿dónde está el consenso cinematográfico este año? ¿cuáles son las aisladas? ¿cuales son las aisladas…