The Bling Ring The Bling Ring

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Living the Dream, One Heist at a Time

Inspired by actual events, a group of fame-obsessed teenagers use the Internet to track celebrities' whereabouts in order to rob their homes.





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Adoro la Fama, Bling Ring: A Gangue de Hollywood, Zlatá mládež L. A., Adoro la Fama (The Bling Ring), Οι Ύποπτοι Φορούσαν Γόβες, Lopom a sztárom, Bling Ring, 블링 링, Elitinis jaunimas, Ladrones de la Fama, Bling Ring: O Gangue de Hollywood, Hotii de celebritate, Elitnoe obschestvo, Элитное общество, 星光大盜

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