The Boys Next Door The Boys Next Door

The anger. The destructiveness. The urge to kill in cold blood. They weren't born with it...

Roy and Bo leave their small town the weekend after graduation for a short road trip to LA. Soon, they find themselves lashing out and leaving a trial of bodies behind them. The violence escalates throughout.





Alternative Titles

No Apparent Motive, Jovens Assassinos, Ódio Cego, Generación sangrienta, Blinder Haß, Los chicos de al lado, Sokea raivo, De sang froid, Dolofonoi horis aitia, Oi atithasoi tou Los Angeles, Ta paidia tis diplanis portas, Szomszéd fiúk, I ragazzi della porta accanto, Chlopcy z drzwi obok, Fim-de-Semana Criminoso, Momci iz komšiluka, Ondskans terror, Big Shots, Death Takes a Holiday

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