The Day the Earth Caught Fire

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The INCREDIBLE becomes Real! The IMPOSSIBLE becomes Fact! The UNBELIEVABLE becomes True!

British reporters suspect an international cover-up of a global disaster in progress... and they're right. Hysterical panic has engulfed the world after the United States and the Soviet Union simultaneously detonate nuclear devices and have caused the orbit of the Earth to alter, sending it hurtling towards the sun.






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Alternative Titles

O Dia em Que a Terra se Incendiou, Den sidste paddehat, Maailmanloppu, Världens undergång, Le Jour où la Terre prit feu, Der Tag, an dem die Erde Feuer fing, Όταν η Γη πήρε φωτιά, A nap, amikor a Föld lángra lobbant, ...e la Terra prese fuoco, El día que la Tierra se incendió, Dagen jorden ble satt i brann, El día en que la Tierra se incendió, Dzień, w którym Ziemia stanęła w ogniu, O Mundo em Chamas, Ziua in care a fost incendiat Pamantul, День, когда загорелась Земля, Jordens sista dag, Den, kdy Země vzplanula, Le jour où la terre prit feu, ...E la Terra prese fuoco, 지구가 불타는 날, O Dia Em Que A Terra Incendiou, 地球失火之日

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01 Nov 1961
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14 Mar 1962
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11 Feb 1963
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02 Jun 2022
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17 Nov 2014
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30 Apr 1971
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30 Apr 1971
  • TV6
11 Feb 1963
  • Theatrical
02 Jun 2022
  • Digital12 Seoul International Eco Film Festival
01 Nov 1961
  • TheatricalU
17 Nov 2014
  • PhysicalPG DVD Blu-ray
14 Mar 1962
  • Theatrical