The Deadly Invention The Deadly Invention

Fantastic Pedal Blimps Fly The Skies! - Four-Footed Machines In Incredible Sea Battle!

As the world progresses into the industrial age, a professor studying the "nature of pure matter" is spirited away by a would-be dictator and connived into building a super-bomb, as a young reporter and a girl rescued from the sea attempt to warn him of their mutual kidnapper's intentions to dominate the world with a new and more-deadly-yet weapon.



Alternative Titles

Aventures fantastiques, L'invention diabolique, A Deadly Invention, A Invenção Diabólica, Det fantastiska äventyret, Ördögi találmány, Diabelski wynalazek, An Invention for Destruction, Die Erfindung des Verderbens, En dødbringende opfindelse, La diabolica invenzione, Salaisuuksien saari, Invention for Destruction, The Fabulous World of Jules Verne

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