• Brett Robinson


    I will fight you.


  • Darkness Lingers


    I’m able to defend Xavier Dolan up to a point. I think his hyperactive style, unabashed love of mainstream music, and go-for-broke direction of his actors is an integral part of the queer artistic identity he conveys. His exuberant “muchness” strikes one heck of a chord when he lays everything on the line, tearing into the fabric of his own emotions so that we can understand the kind of person he is. Films like Laurence Anyways and Mommy demonstrate the…


  • B Loayza


    Tonally...all over the place. Framed as a flashback narrative where the present day conversation doing the remembering is an interview with a reporter and a former Donovan stan. This sort of sets it up for major cheese, and I personally hate this sort of narrative framing device as it can lead to some painful cringe moments.

    However. I think its the same sort of cheese you find in those overly earnest Spielberg films. also Forrest Gump. Extremely Loud and Incredibly…


  • arika



    hard for me to write


    dolan is my fav director & has had so much influence in my life & inspires me to beyond

    & maybe my reaction to the film is a result of my high high high expectations


    almost 4 years of me hyping this movie up to practically every person I know

    but in the end...

    i did not LOVE it.

    maybe still need some time to process this one.

    there were some good things here and…


  • atlopez

    xavier sweetie if you don't drop this goddamn trailer you better change the name of the film for "the death of my lazy late ass" i'm not playing


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  • Jason Bailey


    Xavier Dolan is not yet 30 years old and has already assembled an enviable filmography – six features as a director, most of which he wrote himself, in addition to credits as actor, editor, and costume designer. His latest, “The Death and Life of John F. Donovan,” marks his English-language debut, and his most impressive cast to date (including Natalie Portman, Jacob Tremblay, Kit Harington, Susan Sarandon, Thandie Newton, and Bella Thorne). His films are, in this critic’s observation, divisive; he tends to be a love-him-or-hate-him sort of proposition. And ‘John F. Donovan’s not likely to change anyone’s mind.

    READ MORE: theplaylist.net/life-death-john-f-donovan-review-20180910/


  • leia

    @ xavier are you .... gonna give this a release date or what
    i'm convinced this movie doesnt exist


  • Jonathan Wright



    1. Quite poor in a number of aspects. There is so little interest or development or believability in a number of relationships, most importantly between John and Rupert, and Rupert and his mother. There is simply so little content of interactivity that nothing can result.

    2. Some nice musical sequences, but there is too much music in the film. Barely a minute can seem to pass without the introduction of some new song to fill the space.

    3. Unsuccessful…


  • MitchLaughLove

    It's a mess, but I loved it. Fundamentally flawed for two reasons. First, the core epistolary relationship of the film was too vague and too remote to the quotidian lives of characters for it to work. Second, the film is clearly a 4.5 hour film that was cut to 2 hours. Character and relationship arcs are rushed and lack diegetic motivation. Despite the formal mess, I loved the style - the wardrobe, the cinematography, the music, the performances were all…


  • Arianne


    TIFF MOVIE #20
    Liked it, didn't love it. Better then what many people say. Jacob Tremblay is a freaking superstar and deserves all the praise in the world.
    You can read my full review here.


  • Josh Johnson

    Like sitting next to a person on ecstasy while you're completely sober and listening to them tell you about their favorite scenes in MAGNOLIA.