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  • Francesco Abitabile

    Nope. Pretty forgettable.

  • ilanathey_she


    The definition of a mediocre film. We don’t know anything substantial about the characters and there is no reason to be interested in the story besides Kit Harrington’s hotness.

  • alexzd


    fucking cute!😤🤬

  • Dam


    The idea was definitely there. The execution on the other hand…

  • Monique


    how could you have stolen a place that was made just for you?”

  • Ayc


    i'm going through a dark period of my life, and i was afraid of watching this specific film because of its depressing style; however, i pushed myself watching it and i did not regret for even a second. i empathised with the protagonist so much that i cried in almost all the scenes he appeared. as a fan of Dolan's works, i had great expectations and i am not disappointed. it was beautifully shot, the soundtracks were excellent. i am…

  • naylazarba
  • adelaide

    Didn’t understand why this was rated so low until a scene in the diner halfway through left me feeling so annoyed and unexplainably embarrassed that I had to stop and finish another day. And yet I still don’t think this is a terrible movie because in general it feels less like a movie and more a collection of really beautifully crafted scenes that are almost always rendered paper thin since there’s almost always zero earned emotion to hold them up,…

  • rhanibanani


    Pulled me straight in, beautiful scenes, great acting

  • julie


    xavier dolan and his melancholic movies with vaguely unlikeable but complex characters

    i liked this! its thoughtful, laden with emotions and has a wonderfully surprising score, though i never finish dolan's movies feeling warm or fuzzy i always feel like i watched something that required a lot of care and precision. kit harrington is just barely accomplishing an american accent here also. jacob tremblay....that kid brings it every time!

  • Aída


    No me escondo las cuatro estrellas son por la canción de blink

  • claire


    beautiful cinematography, and god jacob tremblay is such a great actor. bless him. 

    someone said the ideas felt like they werent fully fleshed out, and i agree. its still good but there so many ideas and relationships within the storyline that i feel like we couldnt have gotten its full potential. something felt missing from the portrayal of the relationship between rupert & john. its a bit strange, the relationship between the two is almost idealistic. 

    i want to watch more dolan films tho. oh also audrey was such a cunt and why was she laughing at the end?! whats so funny?? gay people?!? 🤨🤨