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  • nevadahunter


  • Rajat Saigal


    I liked this more than I should've, but WB really thought the solution to the controversy was to have 2 EZRA MILLERS!?

  • BlueGlare8


    The microwave baby was unexpected

  • Daniel Rodriguez


    Overhated if you ask me. The worst thing in the movie is the CGI in a couple of scenes, specially tha cameos and speedforce scenes. It does have a solid plot and a hearttouching story. Barry Allen fans would enjoy this movie. Ezra might be the lead but Sasha Calle's Supergirl and Keaton's Batman definitely steal the spotlight and have some pretty dope fight scenes.
    The plot does have some tint holes, the villain is no menace and just appears for 2 minutes. This movie was supposed to reboot the dcu but the ending resets nothing tbh

  • kenna

    sasha calle as kara means everything to me

  • anaglob


    The only reason this isn't lower is because of Michael Keaton

  • Celeste Henton


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Aptly named has flash but only a little substance until shit really hits the fan that part is cool but then the predictable reveal that he's his enemy because of what he did. Then the quick fix and consequences that follow and the change of bat man(again) not like I have anything against with Michael or George having never seen their portrayal of batman

  • mantisroja


    la vida te da sorpresas sorpresas te da la vida

  • beardown


    Holds up on rewatch

    Also doesn’t hold up on rewatch

  • Valspics


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I enjoyed this film, don't get me wrong but I gave 3 stars for language. I wasn't expecting that and all the male genitalia references. I mean little kids sees these!

    I absolutely loved seeing Micheal Keaton come back as old Batman and he is top 3 in my book. The film was full of action as it should be but also the humor with young Barry. Sasha Calle did a great job with her film debut as Supergirl. She…

  • alves_01


    filme ruim do porra história sem sentido e cgi fraco

  • lokikuoo


    當漫威還玩不懂說不清多重宇宙時,閃電俠僅用了義大利麵、演員的頂級演技、優秀的劇本就告訴了大眾一部真正的超級英雄多重宇宙電影該長什麼樣子,多重宇宙不是越大越多越好(我就在說你 奇異博士2),而是越深入越好,深入其中一個宇宙,訴說其中的故事與人,而不是跑遍多個宇宙,把人物展示出來跟觀眾說:看吧!我是你十年前看過的超級英雄歐,該落淚激動了吧!在任何電影都一樣,要的是“人”不是“人物”。