The Great Alaskan Mystery The Great Alaskan Mystery

The obsessive scientist Dr. Miller is working on a matter-transmitter invention called the Paratron; a conspiratorial team of spies and no-goods pursue him to Alaska, trying to steal the device.

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Colonel Mustard

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Faraway lands. Uncharted territory. Deserts. Oceans. Mountains. Retrofuturism. Steampunk. Danger. Journeys. Quests. Secret passageways. Caverns. Ancient ruins. Lost civilizations. Man-eating…

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EVERY film in 'Science Fiction: The Aurum Film Encyclopedia' (3rd edition; Phil Hardy, editor; Aurum Press, 1995)

I LOVE science fiction movies--as well as reading and learning about them--and I quite enjoyed recently perusing The Aurum Film…

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