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  • Charles Dennis

    Criterion Channel

  • William Dishon


    Hooptober 8.0 | Film #21 |

    Checklist: 30s (decade 8/9) | Total 21/27 |

    As someone not familiar with the source material (I have a physical copy of the novel, but just haven't read it yet) it was fascinating to see how different this version is compared to last years more contemporary adaptation, which takes a much darker angle in its approach. It still think this version is pretty good, especially considering how impressive the invisible effects would have been…

  • belladudeck


    how cool is this movie omg, I loved how they used the concept in the reboot

  • Bat0


    Claude Rains sells this movie, everytime he's not present in a scene it feels kinda boring, but once he shows up it is NEVER. A dull moment.

  • Daniel Jensen


    If you know nothing about this movie, then I recommend watching before reading anything at all should you be so inclined.

    The happiest surprise of The Invisible Man was how much it didn’t conform to my expectations. I was thinking wacky hijinks with special effects that were amazing for the time. While there is a bit of that, the selling point (for me) was the surprisingly intense violence. If it isn’t a horror movie by contemporary standards, it still gets…

  • Kristy Davis

    Really great special effects for a movie from 1933!

  • Roman Arbisi


    So simple in every stride that it takes. Doesn’t overstay it’s welcome and is wildly creative. Nearly 100 years-old and the special effects are magic. Great performances from everyone involved. Going to be hard to top this moving forward.

  • Coochiecruncher


    Man has mad drip

  • Ralph Moffettone


    Doesn’t have the atmosphere or pathos of other Universal Horror joints and is a little one-note but has a satisfying amount of shenanigans, fires, explosions, and killings. Claude Rains gives a stirring performance despite being the Invisible Man. Impossible to not think about how often the Invisible Man is cock-out butt-naked.

  • Josh


    Jack is a chaotic dramatic little bitch, I love it

  • Kenan Reed


    Everything an old b-horror movie should be: a perfect mix of laughing my ass off at “scary” floating pants and long monotone scenes where I can take a 7 minute power nap until the screaming resumes!

  • Odysseas


    James Whale was pretty much ahead of his time! 👀