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  • hgignac


    508 of 2021.

  • SidekickWave


    The anarchic chaos of this movie is a sight to behold (sorry for he lame pun). This is a good movie to show someone who doesn’t think that old movies are any fun as the pacing, script and FX hold up great. In fact for a movie almost 90 years old, the FX are amazing and I don’t think could be done much better today.

  • Joseph Hill


    Was this a horror movie?  A comedy?  
    Why are so many Universal monster movies set in the UK?  
    Some actors reprised their basic role from Bride of Frankenstein, in particular Una O’Connor.  I was a lil disappointed because this film didn’t have the same subtext as Bride of Frankenstein, but I guess this did come first. 
    The special effects were neato!

  • Cheeseman


    Such a weird film, so good, but so weird. I have to be honest, being a media and film student and all, I love working out how they did things back in the 30's just by watching this and YouTube videos about it. Una O'connor was great in it and performed some of the best lines. Also Claude Rains is amazing, he didn't have much to work with, no/limited facial expressions and body movements, but his tone and vocal acting make up for it and makes an amazing performance.

  • bellbell!


    amazing  for 1933



    First Screening. The Criterion Collection. Rather effective pre-code suspense-thriller genre bend. Amazing effects for the time. A pleasure to see Claude Rains in action - or not see him. The real glory is the run time. Probably the best film in this vein. The rest are all shit.

  • Will


    "Here we go gathering nuts in May" lol

  • PODuff

    Loved the trick photography and Rains's maniacal performance. Thankfully not pervy like Paul Verhoeven's version.

  • curtymcdervs


    The Invisible Man is my favorite of all the classic Universal horror films (so far). The “monster” is a prominent figure from the very beginning, discarding the slow build up to terror featured in other movies of the time, instead pitting the cast against the invisible face of evil for the entire runtime. This is also the campiest of the era, even surpassing The Bride of Frankenstein which I adore as well, going off the rails (quite literally) with outrageous humor and overall goofiness. Love this movie.

  • Owen Russell

    Still love it. James Whale is criminally underrated

  • Brandon Mariano


    I can’t imagine how much this must’ve blown peoples minds in 1933

  • Ray Mc