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Terror and sudden death erupt in a city torn apart by violence.

An American student starts working with his Arab colleague while putting all politics aside. However, is his colleague just a regular Joe? Set around the time of Arab-Israeli Six Day War.

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Hand me the Leisure section, Mabel, I'd like to see what’s playing at the cinema.

Bob Jolly

Bob Jolly 568 films

Sometimes posters get switched on Letterboxd, making this list an even more pointless endeavor than it would have been already.…

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Capital city in the name of the film II.


Hnacik 571 films

ASIA (No docu )

1-13 Kabul, 14 Yerevan, 15-18 Baku, 19-21 Dhaka, 22-60 Beijing, 61-84 Cairo, 85-88 Tbilisi, 89-92 New…