• Ben Sheetz

    Orson Welles narrates this nutjob apocalypse-mongering documentary. At times it was unintentionally hilarious with quotes like "If the average American was submitted to the Food and Drug Administration for sale as food, he or she would not pass government standards for being fit for human consumption", but most of it was just wacko comparisons between the end times written in the Bible and the 1970s. Funny, but at the same time really, really bad and hard to sit through. Proceed with caution on this one.


  • Paul Corupe


    Orson Welles narrates this dated 1979 doc that predicts Armageddon in both 1982 and 2000. It looks for evidence of the biblical endtimes prophecies in Revelations in the (then-)modern world, but its inaccuracies have rendered it harmless and unintentionally funny.