The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue

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They tampered with nature—now they must pay the price …

When a series of murders hit the remote English countryside, a detective suspects a pair of travelers when it is actually the work of the undead, jarred back to life by an experimental ultra-sonic radiation machine used by the Ministry of Agriculture to kill insects.




Alternative Titles

Invasion der Zombies, The Living Dead, Don't Open the Window, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, Dejen que los muertos duerman, No profanes el sueño de los muertos, No profanéis el sueño de los muertos, No se debe profanar el sueño de los muertos, Fin de semana para los muertos, Nehanobte spánek mrtvých, Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue, Zombi 3, Da dove vieni?, Zumbi 3, A Revanche dos Mortos-Vivos II, Não se Deve Profanar o Sono dos Mortos, Le massacre des morts-vivants, Ζόμπι: Επιδρομή από το Νεκροταφείο, Az agrár zombik támadása, 悪魔の墓場, El profanador, Zywe trupy w Manchester Morgue, Não Perturbem o Sono dos Mortos, Пускай мертвые лежат в могилах, Das Leichenhaus der lebenden Toten, No profanar el sueño de los muertos