The Lovers on the Bridge The Lovers on the Bridge

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Romance... In a most unlikely place.

Set against Paris' oldest bridge, the Pont Neuf, while it was closed for repairs, this film is a love story between two young vagrants: Alex, a would be circus performer addicted to alcohol and sedatives and Michele, a painter driven to a life on the streets because of a failed relationship and an affliction which is slowly turning her blind.




Alternative Titles

The Lovers On The Pont-Neuf, De elskende fra Pont-Neuf, Los amantes del Pont-Neuf, Oi erastes tis gefyras, Οι Εραστές της Γέφυρας, ポンヌフの恋人, 퐁네프의 연인들, De elskende på Pont Neuf, Любовники с Нового моста, De älskande på Pont-Neuf

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