The Mighty Quinn The Mighty Quinn

The chief of police anf the chief suspect know each other too well to let a little thing like murder get in their way.

Police chief Xavier Quinn investigates the gruesome murder of Donald Pater, one of the wealthiest residents on a Caribbean island. He was found decapitated in his Jacuzzi. Although the local political establishment, especially crooked Governor Chalk, insists that small-time thief Maubee is responsible, Xavier has his doubts. This view is complicated by the police chief's personal history with Maubee: The men have been friends since childhood.











Alternative Titles

Jamaica Cop, Mord in der Karibik, Могъщият Куин, O Poderoso Quinn, Quinn enquête, A espaldas de la ley, To thyma i o thytis?, Rátarti Quinn, a karibi rendőrfőnök, Gliniarz na Karaibach, O Mistério das Caraíbas, Quinn den store, Могучий Куинн, Finding Maubee, Могутній Куінн

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