The Music Box

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Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy decided to reorganize and resupervise their entire financial structure- so they took the $3.80 and went into business.

The Laurel & Hardy Moving Co. have a challenging job on their hands (and backs): hauling a player piano up a monumental flight of stairs to Prof. von Schwarzenhoffen's house. Their task is complicated by a sassy nursemaid and, unbeknownst to them, the impatient Prof. von Schwarzenhoffen himself. But the biggest problem is the force of gravity, which repeatedly pulls the piano back down to the bottom of the stairs.





Alternative Titles

Die Musikbox, Die musikalische Kiste, Dick und Doof und die Drahtkommode, Der zermürbende Klaviertransport, Dick und Doof - Das verrückte Klavier, Livreurs, sachez livrer!, Laurel und Hardy – Das verrückte Klavier