The Red Balloon

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The Academy Award Winning Sensation!

In this deceptively simple, nearly wordless tale, a young boy discovers a stray balloon, which seems to have a mind of its own, on the streets of Paris. The two become inseparable, yet the world’s harsh realities finally interfere. With its glorious palette and allegorical purity, this Academy Award-winning short film has enchanted young and old for generations.




Alternative Titles

El globo rojo, To kokkino baloni, Il palloncino rosso, Den røde ballon, Cervený balónek, Το Κόκκινο Μπαλόνι, Cervený balónik, O Balão Vermelho, Punainen ilmapallo, A piros léggömb, Der rote Ballon, Den røde ballongen, Kirmizi balon, Crveni balon, Den röda ballongen, Красный шар

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