The Sentimentalists The Sentimentalists

An aged , above any suspicion, bourgeois by the nickname 'The Master', lives isolated in a luxurious beachfront villa with his teenage daughter. In reality, however, he is an illicit trade in antiquities, a loan shark and a black market trader of antiquities. The 'Master' has two henchmen to do his 'dirty work', Mercury and John, both of committing a fatal mistake: while Mercury falls for the daughter of 'Master', John is obsessed with a prostitute. Both of them , as 'sentimentalists', must be whacked.

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Some Greek films 1924-2017

Andreas K

Andreas K 419 films

A chronological-ish selection of Greek cinema 1924 - 2017.


Drama: Prosopa lismonimena AKA Forgotten Faces (Yorgos Tzavellas, 1946) Agapi…

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  • Ο Ζηλιαρόγατος
  • Η Καφετζού

It's all Greek to me

Mary Kounenaki

Mary Kounenaki 150 films

*Chronological order* 1954- to date

-Greek comedies used to be my mom's favourite thing when I was a child/ I…