The Silver Brumby

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The magic of the mountain. The obsession of a man. The beauty of the Silver Brumby.

A mother tells her daughter a fable about the prince of the brumbies, brumby being a term for the feral horses of Australia, who must find its place among its kind, while one man makes it his mission to capture it and tame it. Australian adaptation of Elyne Mitchell's "The silver Brumby".






Alternative Titles

The Silver Stallion: King of the Wild Brumbies, A Lenda do Cavalo Prateado, Το Ασημένιο Άλογο: Ο Βασιλιάς των Άγριων Αλόγων, Silver - A Lenda do Cavalo Prateado, Сребърният жребец, L'étalon d'argent, Der silberne Hengst, 伝説の白い馬, Silver - A Lenda Do Cavalo Prateado, Серебряный ветер