The Tigger Movie

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Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Owl, Kanga, Roo, and Rabbit are preparing a suitable winter home for Eeyore, the perennially dejected donkey, but Tigger's continual bouncing interrupts their efforts. Rabbit suggests that Tigger go find others of his kind to bounce with, but Tigger thinks "the most wonderful thing about tiggers is" he's "the only one!" Just in case though, the joyously jouncy feline sets out to see if he can find relatives.





Alternative Titles

ティガームービー/プーさんの贈りもの, Tigris szinre lép, Tiikerin oma elokuva, Ole Brumm - Tigergutt, La película de Tigger - Las nuevas aventuras de Winnie the Pooh y sus amigos, Tigrão - O Filme, Tigergutt, Les Aventures de Tigrou, Tigers film, Tigerdyrets familiefest, Teigetjes Film, Winnie The Pooh - T Come Tigro... E Tutti Gli Amici, 跳跳虎的故事, 곰돌이 푸 - 티거 무비, Medvídek Pú: Tygrův příběh, Ο Τίγρης, ο Γουίνι και η παρέα τους