The Treasure of the Sierra Madre The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

The nearer they get to their treasure, the farther they get from the law.

Fred C. Dobbs and Bob Curtin, both down on their luck in Tampico, Mexico in 1925, meet up with a grizzled prospector named Howard and decide to join with him in search of gold in the wilds of central Mexico. Through enormous difficulties, they eventually succeed in finding gold, but bandits, the elements, and most especially greed threaten to turn their success into disaster.






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Alternative Titles

El tesoro de la Sierra Madre, Der Schatz der Sierra Madre, De schat van de Sierra Madre, Съкровището на Сиера Мадре, O Tesouro da Sierra Madre, O Tesouro de Sierra Madre, Le trésor de la Sierra Madre, 浴血金沙, 碧血金沙, Tre mand søger guld, El tesoro de Sierra Madre, Ο θησαυρός της Σιέρρα Μάντρε, 시에라 마드레의 황금, Blago Sijera Madre, Altin Hazineleri

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