The Trouble with Harry

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When a local man's corpse appears on a nearby hillside, no one is quite sure what happened to him. Many of the town's residents secretly wonder if they are responsible, including the man's ex-wife, Jennifer, and Capt. Albert Wiles, a retired seaman who was hunting in the woods where the body was found. As the no-nonsense sheriff gets involved and local artist Sam Marlowe offers his help, the community slowly unravels the mystery.





Alternative Titles

Mais qui a tué Harry ?, Hvem myrdede Harry?, Maar Wie Heeft Harry gedood?, Herrie om Harry, O Terceiro Tiro, Alfred Hitchcock's The Trouble with Harry, Неприємності з Гаррі, Ugglor i mossen, Pero... ¿quién mató a Harry?, Неприятности с Гарри, Težave s Harryjem, Potíže s Harrym, Nevolje s Harryjem, La Congiura Degli Innocenti, ハリーの災難, Bajok Harryvel, Mutta... kuka murhasi Harryn?, Harry İle Derdimiz, Ποιος Σκότωσε τον Χάρι, ¿Quién mató a Harry?, Sekeldused Harryga, Kłopoty z Harrym, Неприятности с Хари