The Twelve Tasks of Asterix

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Asterix and Obelix depart on an adventure to complete twelve impossible tasks to prove to Caesar that they are as strong as the Gods. You'll roar with laughter as they outwit, outrun, and generally outrage the very people who are trying to prove them "only human".




Alternative Titles

Les douze travaux d'Astérix, Asterix e le dodici fatiche, Asterix verovert Rome, 12 המשימות של אסטריקס, Asterix & Obelix 3 - The Twelve Tasks of Asterix, Asterix indtager Rom, Астерикс 3 - Дванадесетте изпитания на Астерикс, Asterix & Obelix - De Helden, Asteriks i 12 Podviga, Dwanaście prac Asteriksa, Asterix 3 - The Twelve Tasks of Asterix, Asterix 12 stordåd, Ο Αστερίξ και τα Τρελλά Κατορθώματά του, Οι 12 Άθλοι του Αστερίξ, Τα 12 Ταξίδια του Αστερίξ, Le dodici fatiche di Asterix, Dvanásť skúšok pre Asterixa, Astérix y las 12 pruebas, Asterix e os 12 Trabalhos, Os 12 Trabalhos de Asterix, Os Doze Trabalhos de Asterix, Asterix erobert Rom, Els dotze treballs d'Astèrix