The White Angel The White Angel

Her heart was too big for one man to possess! One world was too small to share all her love!

In mid-nineteenth century England the medical establishment does not recognize the value of skilled nurses, cleanliness, nutrition and kindness. Florence Nightingale's heroic measures slowly changes all of this.

Kay Francis Ian Hunter Donald Woods Nigel Bruce Donald Crisp Henry O'Neill Billy Mauch Charles Croker-King Phoebe Foster George Curzon Georgia Caine Ara Gerald Halliwell Hobbes Eily Malyon Montagu Love Ferdinand Munier Lillian Kemble-Cooper Egon Brecher Tempe Pigott Barbara Leonard Frank Conroy Lowden Adams Harry Allen Dorothy Arville Jimmy Aubrey Frank Baker May Beatty Daisy Belmore Lionel Belmore Show All…





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