The White Angel The White Angel

In the midst of the bloody battles of the Crimean War, English heroine Florence Nightingale (Kay Francis) proves to be an ever-dedicated nurse as she does whatever she can to provide the best possible treatment for her ailing patients. Refusing to bow down to stern pressure from the male-centric and unforgiving military bureaucracy, Nightingale perseveres in her crusade for better patient care, tirelessly organizing zealous volunteers to tend to the wounded soldiers.

Kay Francis Ian Hunter Donald Woods Nigel Bruce Donald Crisp Henry O'Neill Billy Mauch Charles Croker-King Phoebe Foster George Curzon Georgia Caine Ara Gerald Halliwell Hobbes Eily Malyon Montagu Love Ferdinand Munier Lillian Kemble-Cooper Egon Brecher Tempe Pigott Barbara Leonard Frank Conroy Lowden Adams Harry Allen Dorothy Arville Jimmy Aubrey Frank Baker May Beatty Daisy Belmore Lionel Belmore Show All…





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