To Catch a Thief To Catch a Thief

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WANTED by the police in all the luxury-spots of Europe!... A catch for any woman!

To prevent being accused of the crimes, an ex-burglar must catch a thief who’s been copying his style.





Alternative Titles

Para atrapar al ladrón, Houdt den dief, Да хванеш крадец, Drž'te lopova, Fang tyven, Varkaitten paratiisi, Το κυνήγι του κλέφτη, Uhvatite lopova, Fogjunk tolvajt!, Met dieven vangt men dieven, Tyv fanger tyv, Zlodziej w hotelu, Ta fast tjuven, Kelepçeli âsik, Вловити злодія, Спіймати злодія

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