Touch of Evil

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The strangest vengeance ever planned!

When a car bomb explodes on the American side of the U.S./Mexico border, Mexican drug enforcement agent Miguel Vargas begins his investigation, along with American police captain Hank Quinlan. When Vargas begins to suspect that Quinlan and his shady partner, Menzies, are planting evidence to frame an innocent man, his investigations into their possible corruption quickly put himself and his new bride, Susie, in jeopardy.





Alternative Titles

La Soif du Mal, 历劫佳人, 狂野生死恋, Sed de Mal, Допир до злото, A Marca da Maldade, Politiets blinde øje, Pahan kosketus, Ο άρχων του τρόμου, 악의 손길, 검은함정, 黒い罠, Sed de mal, Το Άγγιγμα του Κακού

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