Twister: Fury on the Plains

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WARNING: The killer tornado footage in this video is real! This is not a Hollywood simulation.

With the roar of a thousand freight rains, tornadoes inflict the awesome fury of nature few people ever dare to experience. Driven by their life threatening obsession, storm chasers repeatedly test their courage in a brave attempt to record these natural wonders on videotape. Now for the first time, you can witness some of the most destructive, mesmerizing twisters of recorded history in this real life video. Every inch of footage in this video is real... not just a Hollywood simulation. Real storm chasers captured giant Twisters throwing real cars in the air like toys, crushing real houses in seconds, and wiping out whole communities like blades of grass. Plus, from the safety of your living room, you'll witness an extraordinary event as a stranded news crew clings to the underside of a highway overpass and a killer tornado rips directly over their heads with their camera running!