Vibes Vibes

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The psychic comedy that's out of its mind.

Medium Sylvia Pickel and psychometrist Nick Deezy meet at a psychic research facility in New York. Not long after, they're contacted by Harry Buscafusco, who offers them $50,000 to find his lost son in South America, in the heart of Incan territory where they discover an ancient mystical secret, and each other.





Alternative Titles

Vibes, Boas Vibrações, Enquête en tête, El misterio de la pirámide de oro, Pyramidin salaisuus, Mathitevomenoi profites, Ta mystika tis hrysis pyramidas, Rezdülések, Il segreto della piramide d'oro, Vibes: The Secret of the Golden Pyramids, Em Busca dos Misteriosos Poderes do Universo, Pyramidens hemlighet, Titresimler, Вайбс

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