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  • Iron Eagle III
  • Adventures in Babysitting
  • Alien
  • Alien³
  • American Graffiti

The Alphabetical "Monstervision with Joe Bob Briggs"

"Monstervision with Joe Bob Briggs" was a TNT series which ran from 1995-2000. Joe Bob would host a late night…

  • The Dummy
  • Magic
  • Dead Silence
  • Devil Doll
  • Making Contact



Phasmophobia 127 films

A list of horror films that feature dummies, dolls, wax figures, mannequins, scarecrows and other humanlike creations.

  • 13 Ghosts
  • The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse
  • Black Sunday
  • Blood and Roses
  • The Brides of Dracula

Golden Horror Watchlist


Tiffy 1,042 films

Horror films from the 60s to 80s. Feel free to make suggestions.

  • Alien Predators
  • Black Roses
  • Blind Date
  • Blood Beach
  • Demonwarp

Saturday Nightmares

Flash Madison

Flash Madison 54 films

Still in the works

  • Aftershock
  • Bug
  • Cronos
  • Deadly Blessing
  • Eden Lake

ABC Horror Challenge 2016


Fabiola 26 films

26 horror films. 26 weeks of terror. Great idea by Cropsy | Rules: here

  • Faust
  • The Invisible Man
  • The Devil-Doll
  • Hold That Ghost
  • Cat People

A History of Horror – 2017 Weekly Challenge

James Locke

James Locke 52 films

The challenge combines two of my favorite things: history of cinema and horror movies. This will make 2017 a great…

  • Motel Hell
  • The Funhouse
  • April Fool's Day
  • The Gate
  • My Bloody Valentine
  • Treevenge
  • Dead Set
  • Witching & Bitching
  • Bad Milo
  • John Dies at the End

When comedy met Horror

Rob Simpson

Rob Simpson 87 films

There is a very narrow line that divides finding something scary and funny. No greater example of this are the…

  • An American Werewolf in London
  • Gremlins
  • The Return of the Living Dead
  • Tucker and Dale vs Evil
  • The Cabin in the Woods

Top Horror Comedies

Just some of my favorite Horror Comedies. Just proof that the two genres blend well, opposed to what some claim.

  • Puppet Master 4
  • Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter
  • Sherlock: The Abominable Bride
  • Possession
  • Switchblade Sisters

Time and Time Again: Watched in 2016

Randy Youmans

Randy Youmans 406 films

Movies/miniseries I watched in 2016.

  • Murder Party
  • I Sell the Dead
  • Basket Case
  • Patchwork
  • Freaks of Nature
  • The Tigger Movie
  • The Visit
  • The Walk
  • Sicario
  • Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole