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Kings should be treated courteously! At least, that's what famous music critic Georg (Josef Hader) thinks. But he finds himself counting pennies when his chief editor (Jörg Hartmann) suddenly fires him from the Viennese newspaper for which he has been writing for decades. While keeping his dismissal a secret from his psychotherapist wife Johanna (Pia Hierzegger), whose mind is occupied solely by getting pregnant, Georg begins to plot his revenge. He is aided by old school friend Erich (Georg Friedrich), and in return the newly liberated Georg helps him repair a rundown rollercoaster in Vienna's Prater Park. Georg's nightly campaigns against his former boss start with small acts of vandalism. They soon escalate to extremes, and Georg‘s tame, bourgeois life gets completely out of hand...

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Volxkino 2017

Volxkino verschiedene Spielorte 01. Juli bis 17. September Achtung: teilweise deutsche Synchronisation

weitere Filme: Miete essen Seele auf - 08.07.…