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Aydin, a retired actor, owns a small hotel in central Anatolia with his young wife Nihal and his sister Necla, who is coping with her recent divorce. During the winter, snow covers the ground and boredom brings the return of old memories, pushing Aydin to flee…




Alternative Titles

Qis Yuxusu, Зимен сън, Sommeil d'hiver, 冬日苏醒, Winterschlaf, Sueño de invierno, Heimeria narki, Χειμερία νάρκη, Téli álom, Il regno d’inverno, 윈터 슬립, Vintersøvn, Zimowy sen, Sono de Inverno, Zimski san, Зимняя спячка, Vinterdvala, Zimsko spanje, Зимова сплячка

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