Woman Who Lives On Nights Woman Who Lives On Nights

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Due to his burning ambitions, Wang Ju-ho, CEO of a construction firm, uses corrupt means to pursue a redevelopment construction deal. His friend Im Seon-hak and daughter Mi-suk live on the construction site. Ju-ho's daughter, Hye-young, runs away from a marriage her father arranged to expand his business. With the help of her friend Mi-suk, Hye-young is also living with them. In a desperate effort for business profit, Ju-ho's henchman sets Seon-hak's house on fire. Hye-young is severely burned in the fire. To cover up his crime, Ju-ho's henchman tries to rape Mi-suk. But he gets caught in the process and confesses everything. Ju-ho gets a lawyer and tries to avoid punishment. But when he finds out about what has happened to his only daughter, Ju-ho willingly takes responsibility for his crimes.









Alternative Titles

Bam-eul meoggo saneun yeo-in, The Woman Who Lives on Night